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Simon and Vya - A First for Everyone

Simon is not gay, he’s bi, just to clear things up, but he’s spent most of his life thinking he was straight and just ignoring the gay thoughts that would sometimes pop into his head. So Simon spent most of the first part of their relationship bouncing back and forth between “This feels really good” and “Holy crap, what the fuck am I doing??” Eventually though, the “this feels really good” side won

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very chilling topic on twitter right now. 

i have my own reasons for #WhyIStayed, and looking through this hashtag, i can see so many women and men who were lost, just as i was.

i stayed because it was the first time i felt important to anyone. he “loved” me. when he said he would die if i left him, i thought it passionate. when he started showing up unannounced at my house, because my friends told him my brother’s friends were over, i thought the jealousy was endearing.

then he tried to kill himself when i left town for two days. he was convinced that i would find someone else, in a town where i knew no one. i came back home, and promised i would never leave.

the manipulation and emotional abuse became physical—but only once. he slammed me against a wall after i made a joke about dumping him once i started college. i hid the bruises from my family, for weeks. that was the moment i decided to get out, no matter what happened. for some people, it only takes one time. others need more than one. and some people never make it out alive.

it is not always easy to “just leave.” it is a blessing if you are able to leave, with no consequences.

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I need feminism because…I am a female general manager but most male clients still ask to speak to my general manager thinking it’s a man…little do they know they are speaking to HER!!!

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Simon and Vya - Invalid

I think I already said that Simon was an invalid as a child. He was born too soon and had all kinds of health complications that required a lot of surgery, and until he was ten years old he was lucky if he was allowed out of bed. To say that he was stir-crazy would be a bit of an understatement.

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Asterix & the Vikings (2006)

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Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,
for ever blest, since here did lie
and here with lissom limbs did run
beneath the Moon, beneath the Sun,
Lúthien, Tinúviel
more fair than mortal tongue can tell.
Though all to ruin fell the world
and were dissolved and backward hurled
unmade into the old abyss,
yet were its making good, for this—-
the dusk, the dawn, the earth, the sea—-
That Lúthien for a time should be.

One of my favorite love poems ever. Even if the universe ends and everything was for naught, because you lived it was all worth it.

Reminds me of the Nietzsche quote: “What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts, and experiences otherwise than we do …?” 

Even more powerful since it was probably also a poem for Edith Tolkien. :)

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please no halloween posts just yet. there’s still 2 months left

did someone say halloween

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This is dedicated to a girl I worked with in Ireland, who would burn to a crisp if you left her in the sun for any length of time. I had a ten minute conversation with her outside and at the beginning of it she was white as a sheet and by the end she was red as a salmon. So this one’s for her!

Is the sky too weird of a color? I’m not sure…

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I still like to draw these guys every now and then. At this point it’s looking like I’ll never use them, but it would be nice to find something to do with them. Right now it’s like I’ve got other things on my plate, and these guys got pushed off into my napkin

Drawn a few months apart, thus the change in style